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  • Một số kết quả hoạt động khu CNC 11 năm



“By 2015, SHTP is to become a technology and science city that will greatly enhance the economic, technological, and intellectual base of Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern Economic Region of Vietnam and that will ultimately serve as a model for Vietnam technological innovation, intellectual capital development, and innovation economy.”


SHTP Main Entrance


  • 1- Create a business-oriented, financially and technologically favorable environment to attract foreign investment in high technologies.
  • 2- Enable Vietnam to “leapfrog” into strategic high-technology sectors.
  • 3- Enable the development/acceleration of the high-tech supporting sectors in Vietnam.
  • 4- Facilitate the transfer of technology to targeted industries and domestic companies.
  • 5- Enable the commercialization of science and technology.
  • 6- Accelerate and sustain the economic development of HCMC and the Southern Economic Region of Vietnam directly, and ultimately Vietnam.

Goals & Objectives

  • 1- Position the Park as Vietnam’s premier manufacturing, research and development facility to enable and support a range of high technologies.
  • 2- Attract major multinational companies with key technologies and facilitate the development and transfer of technologies to domestic companies.
  • 3- Provide a secure, nurturing, and collaborative environment between the Park, domestic incubators, start-up and high-growth technology companies.
  • 4- Create a mixed-use development anchored by multinational and domestic companies.
  • 5- Foster collaborations between the Park, its tenants, and human resource development institutions (National University, other universities, training institutions ,etc).
  • 6- Facilitate the exchanges and collaborations of technology between the SHTP R&D Center and other research institutions, national agencies, tenants, universities, and companies.
  • 7- Leverage the relationships with overseas Vietnamese professionals, executives, and investors to enable and stimulate marketing, promotion, investment, and technical development.
  • 8- Leverage technologies and facilitate the invigoration of supporting industries.
  • 9- Develop and accelerate the Technical and Professional Training Center.
  • 10- Maximize synergy between Park activity and national high-tech policy.
  • 11- Maximize interaction among tenants, suppliers, and supporting companies.
  • 12- Minimize upfront infrastructure costs while creating momentum with an initial success.