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  • Một số kết quả hoạt động khu CNC 11 năm
  Download Form: Form A: General Information Form B1: Hi-tech Product Manufacturing Project Form B2: Hi- tech Research and Development Project Form B5: Hi-tech Ancillary Industry Project
The required criteria for investment projects in SHTP include
1. I would like to learn about investment conditions and regulations. Where can I get information? General information is available on SHTP website at www.shtp.hochiminhcity.gov.vn, under “Investment at SHTP” tab. Investors can also contact SHTP team directly at info@shtpvn.org or at (848) 37360 291 to get support via telephone, email or in a direct meeting if needed. 2. How far is the...
Guidance on developing the Collective Labor Agreement
  GES facility at SHTP Capitalize on opportunities for semiconductor supporting industries created by the MNCs investment Financially supported by IDG Vietnam Investment from Vietnamese overseas community “The good thing is that our Vietnamese engineers have proved that their ...
.ExternalClassB04FB138AD924C9CA6AA763106EDD97D .shape {;}   "We are in a very competitive business and we must choose our new locations carefully. Low labor cost alone is not a sufficient reason for us develop a new location. We need a motivated work force with a strong educational base….Critically important to us is a supply base with a strong logistics infrastructure to cost effec...

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